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The four line Dual Zone electronic fence host

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  • Brand:    ATRD
  • Type:    TD4M2S
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The characteristics of the host:
1, the industry's first color display pulse host state, the screen size is 4.3 inches, intuitive atmosphere, highlighting the advantages of standard control;
2, the use of liquid crystal display screen, not the operation of the host host closed after 2 minutes, liquid crystal display, thus greatly reduces the power consumption of the host, the host to improve work efficiency, promote national requirements for electronic products, energy saving and environmental protection; and can also confuse criminals, that the host is in the off state, illegal operation; so to achieve better warning effect.
3, the host's control panel to modify the host parameters, such as: sector number, high output amplitude, cycle etc.;
4, the power supply with wide input voltage range, adapt to the global environment (AC:100~260V), the power input is better than the traditional electronic fence host requirements (AC:180~220).
5, the high voltage output adjustable gears, 0.7KV, 2.5KV, 3.0KV, 3.5KV, KV, 4, 4.5KV, KV, 5, is convenient for the users according to different environmental settings suitable for high voltage pulse; can also set the host through the remote control end time voltage output;
6, the pulse cycle can be adjusted freely, the fastest 1s (national standard);
7, the New Zealand host high output stafix technology, can realize the front fence on each line with high voltage electrical pulse, let the invaders There is no way in. technology has the following advantages, the same output voltage: 1., compared with the traditional BI-Polar technology crackdown stronger (customer actual experience), 2, high output high efficiency;
8, LCD screen display rich content, the host state, pulse period, pulse amplitude, alarm state, the output voltage waveform, sector number, power supply system, real time etc.;
9, when the host host built-in alarm horn, trigger alarm, alarm horn sounded the alarm sound, indicating that the staff of police intelligence, is better than the traditional host.
10, the host has the switch and DC12V2A auxiliary power supply output interface, the traditional fence host is DC12V1A, can only receive an alarm, and DC12V2A means can receive 2 alarm.
11, host built-in 12 volt 4AH battery interface, life can reach 10 hours, can also according to customer needs with a higher capacity battery;
12, the construction line of reasonable design, convenient installation;
(13, four lines, six lines) within the host can be independent of the deployment, disarm, leading industry;
14, 485 bus communication using the traditional way, by controlling the keyboard or control software, can realize multilevel interconnection;
15, design uses a unique patented technology, simple, generous, beautiful.

Product name:
TD4M2S four line double pulse host defense

A single zone controlled zone length: 1~400 M.


High level: less than 100 meters

In class: < 300 > 100 meters meters

Low level: more than 300 meters

Parameter description:

1, sector number: 2
2, LCD screen display working situation
3, the power supply environment:
AC180V-240v 50Hz transformer power supply: DC18~24V
4, environmental parameters:
The temperature of ~50 DEG C: -30
Humidity: less than 95%
5, pulse parameter:
The output voltage peak: 4.5KV ~ 10KV
The output voltage peak value: 700 ~ 1000V
The peak pulse current: <10A
The pulse duration is less than or equal to 0.1s.
Pulse interval time: 1s
A single pulse output maximum power: 2.5mC
The maximum single pulse output energy: less than 5.0J
Power consumption: <5W
6, size: 300*220*124mm
7, weight: about 3.5KG

8, alarm trigger mode: disconnection, short-circuit, tamper, dropping

9, communication interface: RS485

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